Nikki’s Work

Nikki’s lacquerware made according to traditions that are centuries old – is also unique in several ways.

“Over the past 40 years I have honed my skills to create lacquerware that can be used every single day and still last for generations” she says.

First the wood is hollowed out, shaped and treated with lacquer five to six times, making each piece very strong yet very light. As a natural adhesive, lacquer can also be easily repaired if it cracks or chips.

“You will feel a warmth when it is in your hands” says Nikki.  “And this is a feeling I like to think can be a treasured memory within families. It gives a very different impression from China or glassware.”

Nikki has named her particular style “kusaki bori”, which translates literally as “wild grass carving”. It reflects the intricate designs which she incorporates into each piece.

“I have been painting since I was very young,” she says, and “I have brought this to my lacquerware with motifs of seasonal flowers and native grasses in vivid colours. It’s a time-consuming process which is not common at all in lacquerware, but it’s the style I cherish. Every piece is made with love.”